Top Fuel Efficient Bikes in BD

In Bangladesh, bike or motorcycle is the vehicle of middle class or lower middle peoples. Generally, this category of people use motorcycles for their daily routine work. But the upper classes also use motorcycles only as a hobby. While the local upper classes don't care much about fuel, bike or motorcycle fuel is a big deal for the middle class or lower middle class.

In a populous and developing country like Bangladesh, it is natural that everyone will lean towards fuel efficient bikes. But the problem is that many of us do not know which motorcycle models are fuel efficient in Bangladesh. We have detailed all the fuel efficient motorcycle models available in Bangladesh through this page.

In south Asian countries like Bangladesh motorcycle mileage is the big fact specially in standard type motorcycle segment. Those who are looking to buy a motorcycle for their daily routine works or office transportation, style or throttle response dose not fact, this kinds of buyers are always looking a good mileage bike. In Bangladesh majority of the motorcycle buyers are expecting a best mileage bike.

Now a day, Technology developed in this sector widely, manufacturers are openly Fall in the competition, how mileage will be better and bigger. As a result, most of the prominent motorcycle manufacturer like Honda, Yamaha, Bajaj, Hero, TVS already invented best possible mileage motorcycle, and those are very popular in street.

Manufacturers progress lot increasing motorcycle mileage, but here is some debate that about actual mileage and official mileage or load and unload mileage. Motorcycle manufacturers always declaring top mileage of their bikes, which is very higher than actual mileage. There is huge different between motorcycle actual mileage on daily use and company declared mileage. Generally, motorcycle manufacturers are calculating mileage without any load on motorcycle and speed in-between 25Kmph to 45Kmph. But in our motorcycle daily practical use we cannot run without load and even all the time we cannot manage motorcycle speed in-between 25Kmph to 45Kmph. So we can’t achieve manufacturer declared mileage.

Here we have some of recommendations to achieve best mileage of any motorcycle models.

    • Use pure motorcycle fuel, either petrol or octane, don’t use Adulterated fuel.
    • Try to manage motorcycle speed in-between 24Kmph to 45Kmph. Recently most of the motorcycle models have economy mode indicator.
    • On a single motorcycle do not take more than one pillion.
    • Select a perfect road.
    • Adjust your motorcycle engine fuel system perfectly by an experienced mechanic.

In Bangladesh fuel efficient or more mileage motorcycles are at the top of the demand, as a result local and foreign motorcycle manufacturer deployed huge fuel efficient motorcycle and marketed here in Bangladesh. within that big list, we have presented below the Top Fuel Efficient Bikes in Bangladesh.

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