Green Tiger E-Bike Price in Bangladesh

At the private level, the environment-friendly e-bikes in Bangladesh are not very popular yet. 'Alif Enterprise' is the native distributor of Chinese brand Green Tiger e-bike products in Bangladesh. Several e-bikes models of Chinese brand 'GreenTigers' have been imported and marketed in Bangladesh. It is interesting to see that the current market price of these types of e-bike in Bangladesh is comparatively lower than regular normal bikes. Such e-bikes are very cheap prices on one side as well as environmentally friendly. The cost of mileage is not high as well as its electric charging cost comparing to the other regular bike. The idea is that these types of bikes will soon become very popular in Bangladesh.

The first and main target of these bikes is that of the country's urban or rural areas working women community, who still have many problems to go to work or to return from workplace.

Here in this web page we have mentioned all about Green Tiger electric bike models overview including current market price in Bangladesh.

At this time Green Tiger continuing only one model, which is Green Tiger GT Five Plus.

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