Runner Bike Price in Bangladesh

Runner is very popular as a local motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. At present, several motorcycle models of this brand are being exported abroad after meeting the local demand. As it is locally produced, the price of Runner brand motorcycles in Bangladesh is much lower. The demand for Runner motorcycles in the Bangladesh market is increasing day by day as the price of this brand of motorcycles with good quality is relatively low. We have mentioned the current price of Runner bike or motorcycle in Bangladesh on this web page.

This Runner Bangladesh webpage was last updated on 10-Jan-2024

  • Engine : 165 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 125 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 40 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 189,000 (dual disc)
  • Engine : 150 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 130 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 40 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 159,000 (single disc)
  • Engine : 150 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 130 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 42 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 142,000 (single disc)
  • Engine : 125 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 110 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 45 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 124,000 (single disc)
  • Engine : 125 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 110 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 45 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 135,000 (single disc)
  • Engine : 100 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 100 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 50 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 103,000 (single disc)
  • Engine : 110 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 85 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 50 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 100,000 (single disc)
  • Engine : 110 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 80 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 55 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 109,000 (single disc)
  • Engine : 100 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 80 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 55 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 87,000 (drum brake)
  • Engine : 85 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 90 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 55 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 85,000 (drum brake)
  • Engine : 86 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 70 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 55 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 55,000 (drum brake)
  • Engine : 85 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 85 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 55 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 79,000 (drum brake)
  • Engine : 104 cc (air-cooled)
    Top Speed : 80 Kmph (approx)
    Mileage : 55 Kmpl (average)
    Price in BDT : 139,000 (drum brake)

Jamuna Enterprise
Address: Mirzapur Bazar, Bijoynagar,
Dist. / City: B. Baria
Phone: 01711-717070
M/S. Mahin Motors
Address: Khan jahan Ali Road, Mithapukurpar,
Dist. / City: Bagerhat
Phone: 01673-901868
Bhai Bhai Motors
Address: Fakirhat,
Dist. / City: Bagerhat
Phone: 01733584838
Arab Store
Address: Hataimpur road, patharghata,
Dist. / City: Barguna
Phone: 01714662665
M/S S R Trading
Address: Sadar Road,
Dist. / City: Barguna
Phone: 01715447013
Mohammad Motors
Address: Munshir Garage, Bogra Road
Dist. / City: Barisal
Phone: 01915203966
Honda Centre 2
Address: Thana Road, Shibgonj
Dist. / City: Bogra
Phone: 01712-694389
Krishi Progoti
Address: Park Road
Dist. / City: Bogra
Phone: 01730405216
Pramanink Honda Center
Address: Ranirhat, Shahajanpur
Dist. / City: Bogra
Phone: 01711050539
Shad Motors (Chandpur)
Address: 26, Stadium Market, Sadar,
Dist. / City: Chandpur
Phone: 01819198310
Haji Nur Trading
Address: Lechobagan, Chondroghona, Rangunia,
Dist. / City: Chattagram
Phone: 01827675555
Memory Motors
Address: Bibirhat, Fatikchari,
Dist. / City: Chittagong
Phone: 01819641215
Runner Express
Address: Al-haj Hossain Complex, Lohagora
Dist. / City: Chittagong
Phone: 01713171817
Address: Haji Khayez Ahmed Bhaban, Baroiarhat, Mirersorai,
Dist. / City: Chittagong
Phone: 01730179753
Agrogamin Auto
Address: Dorshona Road, Jibonnagar, Chuadanga
Dist. / City: Chuadanga
Phone: 01711479207
M/S. Noor Traders
Address: 14, Noshoratpur, Bypass Sharak, Laksham
Dist. / City: Cumilla
Phone: 01711380600
M/S. Setu Motors
Address: D-127, Talbagh, Thana Road, Savar,
Dist. / City: Dhaka
Phone: 01853999555, 01786053966
M/S. Star Enterprise
Address: 176, Dokhin Rosulpur, Kholifa Ghat, Kamrangirchar,
Dist. / City: Dhaka
Phone: 0167083230
Allahar Dan Motors
Address: Bogabari beypaile, Ashulia, Savar,
Dist. / City: Dhaka
Phone: 01716765368
A.K R Enterprise
Address: 207/2, Bongshal Road,
Dist. / City: Dhaka
Phone: 01712799772
Al-Baraka Motors
Address: 108, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Banglamotors,
Dist. / City: Dhaka
Phone: 0171135048, 01911573042
Islam & Co.
Address: Gonashitola
Dist. / City: Dinajpur
Phone: 01730405204
M/S. Mannan Traders
Address: Station Road, Chirirbandhar,
Dist. / City: Dinajpur
Phone: 01712931404
Mohona Auto
Address: Sarkar Market, Vadurabazar, Nawabgonj, Birampur ,
Dist. / City: Dinajpur
Phone: 01820568477
Nur Trading
Address: Thana Road, Nawabgonj
Dist. / City: Dinajpur
Phone: 01916371353
Star Traders
Address: 316/5. S.S.K Road
Dist. / City: Feni
Phone: 01736307029
Maria Dalia Enterprise
Address: Dak Bangla Road, Chagalnaya,
Dist. / City: Feni
Phone: 01818767730
M/S. Siam Motors
Address: 42, Helam Master Complex, Mownachowrasta, Sreepur.
Dist. / City: Gazipur
Phone: 01711518295
Hashi Khushi Motors
Address: Nayaparabazar, Madhabpur,
Dist. / City: Hobigonj
Phone: 1716270135
Venus Autos
Address: 11, R N Road,
Dist. / City: Jessore
Phone: 01831-318271
M/S. Alam Motors
Address: Shahid Mashur Rahma Sarak,
Dist. / City: Jhenaidah
Phone: 01711155249
R R Autos
Address: Jalilpur Road, Moheshpur Bazar, Moheshpur,
Dist. / City: Jhenaidha
Phone: 01712525951
M/S. Shaheb & Sons
Address: Plat # 51, Khan A Sabur, Daulatpur,
Dist. / City: Khulna
Phone: 01918754268
Rana Motors
Address: Shaheb Uddin Bhaban, Naguya sesh mor, Hossainpur,
Dist. / City: Kishorgong
Phone: 01915421265
S R Motors
Address: Nagashawari
Dist. / City: Kurigram
Phone: 01716912849
Rubel Auto
Address: High way road, Bharamara,
Dist. / City: Kusthia
Phone: 01719033880
M/S. Raja Motors
Address: Madaripur Main Road, Ghat Majee
Dist. / City: Madaripur
Phone: 01716455403
M/S. Azad Motors
Address: 28, Shahid Rofiq Sarak, infront of Court
Dist. / City: Manikgongj
Phone: 011711102337
Bengal Trade
Address: Satuaria Bazar, Satuaria
Dist. / City: Manikgongj
Phone: 01973039303
Bengal Motors
Address: Sreemongal Road,
Dist. / City: Moulavibazar
Phone: 01712233329
Limon Motors
Address: Ashraf Market, ModdhoBazar, Goforgaon
Dist. / City: Mymensing
Phone: 01711940887
Khan Motors & Electronics
Address: Bus station, Main Road, Phulpur,
Dist. / City: Mymensingh
Phone: 01713-590381
Deen Impex
Address: Deen Tower, Main Road,
Dist. / City: Naogaon
Phone: 01711813490
Fatheha Motors
Address: Prodhan Filling Station, Panchaboti, Fatulla,
Dist. / City: Narayangonj
Phone: 01942248668, 01779503095
M/S. N N Enterprise
Address: Deman Market, College Gate, Shibpur
Dist. / City: Narsingdhi
Phone: 01922694397
R R Traders
Address: DB Road, Domar,
Dist. / City: Nilphamari
Phone: 01710048497
Habib Motors
Address: Rail Gate, Pabna Road, Iswardi,
Dist. / City: Pabna
Phone: 01712654802
M/S. Sheikh Motors
Address: Laskarpur, Nuton bus terminal market, Room # 86,
Dist. / City: Pabna
Phone: 01711612387
M/S. Sheikh Motors & Electronics
Address: 3no. Central Girls School market, Thana Road,
Dist. / City: Pabna
Phone: 01713742609
Rezia Motors
Address: A Hamid Road, A R Corner,
Dist. / City: Pabna
Phone: 01911344603
A H Traders
Address: Upazila More, Sepaipara, Boda,
Dist. / City: Panchagarh
Phone: 01712670735
New Sikder Motors
Address: Hetalia Badghat,
Dist. / City: Patuakhali
Phone: 01717242419
Alam Motors
Address: Teharpur
Dist. / City: Rajshahi
Phone: 01711318504,
Moon Motors
Address: Mohonpur Bazar, Mohonpur,
Dist. / City: Rajshahi
Phone: 01713787281
ARK Motors & Electronics
Address: Krishi Bank Bhaban, Pirgacha,
Dist. / City: Rangpur
Phone: 01714662665
Friends Enterprise & Electronics
Address: Thana Road, Pirgonj,
Dist. / City: Rangpur
Phone: 01717975430
Future World
Address: Jaigharhat, Mithapukur,
Dist. / City: Rangpur
Phone: 01716057252
M/S. Shapno Auto
Address: Shatibari, Mithapukur,
Dist. / City: Rangpur
Phone: 01716028564
Mugdha Enterprise
Address: Station Road,
Dist. / City: Rangpur
Phone: 01712089542
New Mithel Auto
Address: C.O Market, Badargonj
Dist. / City: Rangpur
Phone: 01717749804
Shad Motors
Address: Taragonj
Dist. / City: Rangpur
Phone: 01717749882
Shapno Motors
Address: Badargonj
Dist. / City: Rangpur
Phone: 01713770560
M/S. Mozammel Haque
Address: Cinema Hall Road, Saidpur Plaza,
Dist. / City: Nilphamari
Phone: 01712182281
M/S. S.K.S Traders
Address: New Dhaka Road, Rail Gate,
Dist. / City: Sirajgonj
Phone: 01713228000
Boshundhara Motors
Address: Kumarpara,
Dist. / City: Sylhet
Phone: 01817297898
Ahmed & Sons Enterprise
Address: Bangabandhu Road
Dist. / City: Thakurgaon
Phone: 01713720600

'Runner Automobiles' is a trendy, prominent and trusted local brands in Bangladesh. It is marketed in the local market as well as the production and marketing of motorcycles and three wheelers and four wheelers. This brand Runner bike is now being exported abroad. Some of other motorcycle brands in Bangladesh claim their product is local, considering the motorcycle production of the country's product and the value that product; runner's position is above the rest.

Runner Automobiles ltd turned into included as a non-public restrained agency in July 2000 and started out its commercial operation considering the fact that 2000 as an importer and dealer of bikes. Later it was converted as public constrained agency in January 2012, and started the commercial enterprise of manufacturing and promoting the motorbike.

The standard bikes of this brand survive in the equator with strong competition with Japan and Indian brand bike. Several models of this brand are world-class, such as Runner Turbo, Runner Knight Rider. In the other side runner launch the cheapest bike in Bangladesh which called Runner Bike RT. But Runner could not develop as expected in Bangladesh. The main reason for this is that many people compare the runner bike with the Chinese brands quality less bike or think the same, which is totally wrong. It’s a steep ahead as a reliable and local bike manufacturer. The company is now producing 11 motorcycles and is being marketed in different countries including Bangladesh. Of these, 1 sports type and the remaining 10 motorcycles are standard type, which are between 80 to 150 cc. It is much more popular than other local in Bangladesh. Runner also selling heavy duty, light duty and small duty trucks, but their main product motorcycle.

Bikes of Runner Automobiles in Bangladesh are low priced and comparatively comparable to other brands' bikes. In some cases Runner's Bid Instalment facility also. This is very useful for the general public, including the normal job holder. Runner Automobiles is also marketing their bikes through their own sales representatives in almost all districts of Bangladesh.

Recently, Runner signed a deal with United Motors (UM) in the United States, adding several world-class bikes to their fleet. These bikes are assembled in Bangladesh. As a result the world-class quality bikes price here are not comparable high. Runner has been working to improve their bikes value and price tolerance in the context of Bangladesh.

We have mentioned here in this page above Runner bike price in Bangladesh, with a complete list, specification and recent images.

Runner Bike Price List for BD 2021;

Model Name Engine Price in BD
Runner Bolt 165 R 150 cc Tk.160,000
Runner Knight Rider 150 125 cc Tk.135,000
Runner Turbo 125 110 cc Tk.118,000
Runner Royal Plus 100 cc Tk.92,000
Runner Bike RT 100 cc Tk.59,000

Runner Automobiles Ltd. (Bangladesh)

Do you want to know more about Runner bikes? Any more inquire about runner bikes price or any other related things contact directly with runner automobiles limited following below address.

Address: 138/1, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 09611222000.

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