TVS Metro 2019 Edition

Coming soon to Bangladesh TVS Metro's 2019 edition

Good news for TVS fans, that the TVS Metro 2019 model will soon come to Bangladesh after the very successful TVS Metro 2018 version. It's now more interesting to see than the previous version. Although the new version of TVS Metro 2019 not yet launched Bangladesh, but the new edition has already been launched in Indian market named TVS Start Sport. It is expected that this version will also be very popular in Bangladesh.

We will discuss about the new edition, old edition and is personal safety features of the TVS Metro 2019 model on our page.

Firstly, we will discuss details about the new addition or what changes comes to the bike TVS Metro 2019 edition.

TVS Metro 2019 Edition

1. The new 3D Graphics: TVS Metro 2019 edition comes with totally new 3D Graphics, which gives the bike Premium look, and the edition is now more attractive one than the previous TVS Metro edition. It is now come in two colour schemes which are Black with Red-Silver Decals and Black with Blue-Silver Decals.

2. TVS Metal Logo: The Bike did not have a metal logo in the previous edition. The new edition of the TVS Metro has added TVS's metallic logo to the bike, which makes bike more attractive.

3. Double stitch seat: New TVS Metro Bike has arrived at the new edition's seat. It is now double stitch seat. Which looks more attractive in one side and in other side it is comfortable and long-lasting.

4. Instrument cluster: The bicycle instrument cluster is now a much more sporty look than before. It has some changes in Pass by Switch and Electric Start Switch. Overall it’s looking excellent.

5. Tyre Grip: TVS Metro 2019 edition bikes have a special grip in tyre, which is useful for safe running and cornering.

6. Modern Braking Method: The biggest change in TVS Metro Bike's 2019 edition is that, it has added synchronized braking technology. Although this is not a modern and reliable technology like anti-lock braking system, but this method is very helpful for safe riding. This is a great addition to a limited-price bike.

7. Safety aspects: Safety and Security in the TVS Metro 2019 edition has been given a special preference. It has added synchronized braking technology along with modernization of the bike pass by switch, head light and aluminium grab rail. Above all, it is much safer than before.

8. Further improvements: Although the bike has many modern facilities, disc brakes have not been added yet to the bike.

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