Motorcycle Driving Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road accident. And a huge number of people injure every year worldwide. According to world health organization (WHO) in The Republic of Guinea has the most Traffic collision which per 100,000 motor vehicles is 9462.5. And Republic of San Marino has the less Traffic Collision which per 100,000 motor vehicles is only 1.8. In this regards Norway and Sweden also in good positions. The 2030 plan for Sustainable growth has set a grand target of halving the global number of deaths and injuries from road traffic collision by 2020.

You may be surprised that in the year 2017, in Bangladesh there were 720 motorcycle accidents in 3349 road accidents. And every year about 12,000 people have been killed and 35,000 injured in road accidents. As a result of this casualties, each family faces unheard damage.

Pleas care about below steps to be safe in road while driving motorcycle.

  •   Use the proper safety helmet, because of the 75% casualties of the bikes, do not use this helmet.
  •   Wear appropriate clothing, which is not extra tight or extra dealer and wear handmade and boot shoes.
  •   Prepare for travel, be sure to have enough fuel, brakes is working fine, headlights no trouble, horns, wheels every things working fine.
  •   Become protective without being aggressive in driving.
  •   Follow traffic rules properly.
  •   Use the viewing glass to see the rear vehicles.
  •   Be dedicated in road while driving.
  •   There is no competition using motorcycle on the journey.
  •   Do not use mobile phones while driving.
  •   Make sure to use horn properly.

Motorcycle Driving Safety Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Helpful tips for safe motorcycle riding

1. Regularly check the motorcycle: Before each and every time going out using motorcycle, check if everything is working properly. Be sure to check motorcycle chains, brake, horns, wheel, fuel, etc. and ensure that everything is working properly. Otherwise it may happen that any accident can occur at any time. If you found any damage send the bike immediately to repair shop. So check your motorcycle regularly for you and your favourite motorcycle safety.

2. Observe weather conditions: It is not safe to drive motorcycles in bad weather, but it is more risky in heavy rain because the road is slippery. At this time the wheel can slip. A recent study found that about 38% of motorcycle accidents in Bangladesh are falling in the rainy season on the highway. So it is good to avoid motorcycle riding in bad weightier.

3. Do not forget to take a helmet: Some of the peoples forget to bring helmets while go out using motorcycle. Helmets help keep yourself safe in an accident, so take your helmet before you leave. One recent review showed that death due to motorcycle accident 75 percent of the motorcycle accident death was caused by helmets. So please practice using regular helmets.

4. Wearable clothing: If you are not free and easy while driving motorcycle, you cannot control every thing as well. It is not a good idea to wear small or even loosely cloth clothes because these are may the reasons for the accident. With keeping in mind the personal safety, you can wear a shirt jacket or a summer T-shirt in the shade. Better wearing jeans pant and foot boots.

5. Learn about traffic rules: This is a very important thing. Keep clear idea about local traffic rules where ever you stay. Also learn and follow the general rules of driving in the streets. It would be a part of safer motorcycle riding.

6. Necessary Documents: Keep the necessary documents along with the driving licence. Be sure to keep a bike registration certificate, tax token, fitness certification, insurance certificate and other related documents at the time of departure. Law enforcement agencies may seek it at any time.

7. Carefully Overtaking: Take precautions when overtaking. It will be considered dangerous, overtaking at any point of time and very cautiously. Especially in the bus, truck or car overtaking time, keep secure distance, using the horn properly, using pass lights and taking action accordingly.

8. Use of Technology: A modern and safe braking system (ABS) is now available with motorcycle also. Anti-lock breaking system of the new technology has been introduced in motorcycle segment, initially it is used in some modern bikes but now many bikes have this opportunity. Now rapid braking is possible due to the system. It may safe unexpected accident.

9. Talking on mobile and avoiding headphones: Try to keep full attention towards driving. Any type of incompatibility may be the reason for the serious accident. Keep the mobile ringtone silent. Avoid headphones or hearing song while driving.

10. Correct traveler: Many people fear the backbone while driving, and do not take behind the passengers who are afraid of driving during a motorcycle. Because at some important time you will not be able to take solitary advice, and you will be scared, it may cause big accidental.

Stay with BanglaMotor to get regular update about motorcycle safety driving, personal safety in road, low and order advice and also your vehicle safety. Wish you a safe and pleasant journey.

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