Motorcycle Driving Safety Tips

Process of obtaining motorcycle driving license in Bangladesh-

Under the state law of Bangladesh, punishable criminals for running motor vehicles without driving license. The crime becomes more serious if the driver is responsible for any such accident. If you do not have a driving license, then guilt in yourself works, which increases the chance of accident. Therefore, all drivers should get the proper license to respect the state law and make them fit to run a motor vehicle.

Generally BRTA licenses are provided by three-level examination. Traffic-based experience and licenses are very important for the safety of the general public for the safety of people.

Prior to the application of the original license, you must first apply for the Learner or Beginner's Driving License in the prescribed form of BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) with necessary documents.

Note that; BRTA offices or authorized offices are located in almost all districts of Bangladesh.

What it takes to apply for a learner's driving license-

  •   Attested copy of national ID card, birth certificate or passport
  •   Recent stamp and passport size photograph (01 copy and 03 copies).
  •   Medical certificate by registered doctor
  •   Blood Group Identification Certificate
  •   The fee prescribed by BRTA, for example Tk. 345 for only motorcycle, and Tk. 518 for Motorcycle and light vehicle.
  •   After completing paper process BRTA will announce your visual exam date instantly.

Learner Driving Licence Bangladesh

Note that; Learner or trainee driving license only for training period. After the scheduled training and passing the written, verbal and field test you have to apply for the original license or smart card.

To get smart card driving license-

  •   The application will be made in the prescribed form by BRTA Office.
  •   Attested copy of National identity card, birth certificates or passport.
  •   Medical certificate by registered doctor
  •   Blood Group Identification Certificate
  •   For professional license Tk. 1680 (with renewal of 10 years) and for non professional licensors Tk. 2554 (with renewal fee of 5 years).
  •   Recent passport size photograph (2 copy)
  •   If you are a licensed professional, you must submit a police investigation report.

Examination of obtaining a motor vehicle or motorcycle license

In this case, the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) examines three types of tests, which are written, verbal and field test.

Written examination: Download to prepare a written test, standard question paper and answer written in the driving license.

Verbal Examination: Download as a preparation for verbal examinations, Mechanism of Automobiles in Simple Terms.

Field Test: Please learn driving properly to pass this Field Test exam.

Lost driving license recovery process

When the driving license is burn, damage or lost, the licensor has to submit the full details of the license deposited through the necessary post office of the white paper in the BRTA prescribed form, after which the licensing authority has issued a driving license with a detailed description of three copies of the passport size photograph. Let's do the letter. It also has to be notified in a daily newspaper. The date of the notification will be mentioned in the application form and cutting the fixed position of the magazine and applying it to the application form. Once the application is valid, a duplicate copy will be issued for the license.

Feel free contact directly with BanglaMotor if you have more questions about driving license procedure in Bangladesh. Wish you a good luck, be safe in road and keep safe your family.

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