Motorcycle Driving Safety Tips

Top 7 (seven) Golden Tips for Motorcycle Riding Safety

Dear riders you are welcome to our motorcycle riding safety school. We are always trying to aware and motivate our motorcycle riders to be more careful about their personal safety. Today also the same, we will discuss Top golden Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips.

Prioritize your safety always first, be safe and keep your family happy.

Due to design and driving reasons, motorcycle or bike rider's accidents are more damaged than other vehicles. For this reason, riders of this sector should be more respected towards about their personal safety. Here in this page we have mentioned top golden motorcycle riding safety tips.

1. Riding Preparation: Before starting your ride, please have a quick look to your motorcycle Fuel, Brake, Horn, Tyres and all the light. Do not forget to bring your helmet, motor driving licence and motorcycle registration papers.

2. Use Helmet Properly: Use a proper safety helmet for your accurate safety, not for fashion and style.

3. Ride Defensibly: Do not go aggressive, do not make competition on road, drive attentively to your destination. Speed up as per your capacity to control.

4. Wear appropriate cloths: Do not use clothes that are loosely or very tight, such clothes are the reason for the accident. Use clothes that will protect you somewhat in an unexpected accident.

5. Follow Local Traffic Rules: Get a clear idea about local traffic rules and follow that properly.

6. Be careful about road hazard: Sometimes on road a simple obstacles also may cases big accident. Please look in front and be careful about combusting materials on road like empty water bottle, children toys, a piece of concrete and even broken road.

safe braking system

7. Use Modern Technology: In recent times ABS (anti lock braking system) technology is also being used on motorcycles. This is a modern and safe breaking method. That's helpful at safe bikes or motorcycle riding.

In the whole world, motorcycle riding rates are high in the Asian continent. But due to personal safety of driving motorcycles on this continent, there is widespread devastation in the accident. Many people are not aware of personal safety especially in motorcycle riding in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. But hopefully, the law enforcers of these countries are quite aware of this, and they are constantly encouraging the people in safe motorcycle riding.

BanglaMotor also arranged several campaigns for safe motorcycle riding. Now it is our main target to reduce road acceding around the world.

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