A Brief Discussion about Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Discussion about Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh

A mobile phone can be all you need for communicating. From a mobile phone we are able to make calls, text message, email, send and receive directions, go on the internet, buy things, do online banking, listen to music and much more. Mobile phone has dramatically changed peoples’ social and communication behavior use telephones. The mobile ecosystem is making a significant contribution in terms of economic growth, job creation and public funding.

Samsung is a company that has been around since 1938. Samsung is a South Korean company specializing in a wide variety of consumer and industry electronics. Their electronics division’s been on the go since 1969. But the SGH-100 had the honor of being their very first mobile phone – released in Korea in 1988. Samsung has launched its journey in Bangladesh since 2009.

In April 2018, Samsung announced assembling of smart phones in Bangladesh in their new factory in collaboration with Fair Electronics and the factory commenced production of smart phones in May, 2018. Bangladeshi assembled Galaxy Note 10 | 10+ | 10 Lite reached at market in January, 2020. They will start full-fledged manufacturing of Samsung smart phones from the quadrant of 2020. Fair Electronics is now assembling about 97 per cent of all Samsung devices sold in Bangladesh and expects to suspend importing after March as its local plant is capable of meeting the domestic demand entirely. This year, the company is aiming to assemble 25 lakh units of smart phones.

Samsung is starting to get questions about its build quality on its latest flagship devices. Out of the box all of the smart devices of Samsung are usually great. The phones are speedy, good looking, feel great, and perform functions that most other phones cannot. No matter what kind of smart phone you need, there's almost certainly a Samsung that fits the bill perfectly – even when you don't want to spend a lot of cash. Samsung doesn't just make some of the best high-end phones. It also makes some of the best Android phones at every price point.

In places like Bangladesh, it is very necessary to know the official price of a mobile phone. First of all, the black marketers sell the Samsung brand clone mobiles at low prices. As a result, buyers are deceived from getting real phones by getting mobiles at low prices. Second, many unscrupulous traders want to sell mobiles at a higher price than the price offered by the company. In this case, it is very important for the buyer to know the updated price of the mobiles. And through this website buyers will know the official and original price of any model of Samsung mobile. Although there are many unofficial mobile phone are available in the market, knowing the update and real price customer will be able to differentiate between the official and unofficial one. After all, the importance of knowing the Samsung mobile phone will save the customers from the black marketers and from the unreal piece of Samsung mobile phone.

Here in this page we have given a short list of Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh.

SL.Samsung MobilePrice in BangladeshAvailability
1Samsung Galaxy Tab Active ProTk. 57,990.00Yes
2Samsung Galaxy Note 10 LiteTk. 55,999.00Yes
3Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)Tk. 55,900.00Yes
4Galaxy A8+ (2018)Tk. 55,900.00Yes
5Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7Tk. 53,900.00Yes
6Galaxy S Light LuxuryTk. 53,900.00Yes
7Samsung Galaxy C9 ProTk. 52,750.00Yes
8Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0Tk. 52,200.00Yes
9Samsung Galaxy Note7RTk. 51,500.00Yes
10Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)Tk. 48,990.00Yes
11Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ DuosTk. 48,600.00Yes
12Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+Tk. 48,600.00Yes
13Galaxy Note5 (USA)Tk. 47,500.00Yes
14Samsung Galaxy ViewTk. 46,800.00Yes
15Samsung Galaxy A8Tk. 44,900.00Yes
16Samsung Galaxy A8STk. 43,500.00Yes
17Samsung Galaxy A71Tk. 42,999.00Yes
18Samsung Galaxy C7 ProTk. 41,900.00Yes
19Samsung Galaxy Tab S5ETk. 40,990.00Yes
20Samsung Galaxy A9 StarTk. 40,500.00Yes
21Samsung Galaxy C10Tk. 39,990.00Yes
22Samsung Galaxy C7Tk. 39,500.00Yes
23Samsung Galaxy A70Tk. 38,990.00Yes
24Samsung Galaxy C7 (2017)Tk. 38,700.00Yes
25Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016)Tk. 37,800.00Yes
26Samsung Galaxy A70sTk. 37,000.00Yes
27Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)Tk. 36,900.00Yes
28Samsung Galaxy S5 NeoTk. 33,990.00Yes
29Samsung Galaxy C5Tk. 33,950.00Yes
30Samsung Galaxy C5 ProTk. 33,500.00Yes
31Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)Tk. 32,900.00Yes
32Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5Tk. 32,550.00Yes
33Samsung Galaxy A51Tk. 30,999.00Yes
34Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 -10 -1 -2015Tk. 29,990.00Yes
35Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Plus I9195ITk. 29,990.00Yes
36Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)Tk. 29,990.00Yes
37Samsung Galaxy A50sTk. 28,590.00Yes
38Samsung Galaxy On8Tk. 28,500.00Yes
39Samsung Galaxy A41Tk. 28,000.00Yes
40Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)Tk. 28,000.00Yes
41Samsung Galaxy M30sTk. 27,490.00Yes
42Samsung Galaxy A8 DuosTk. 27,000.00Yes
43Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)Tk. 26,900.00Yes
44Galaxy A6+ (2018)Tk. 26,900.00Yes
45Samsung Galaxy J8Tk. 26,500.00Yes
46Samsung Galaxy M40Tk. 25,990.00Yes
47Samsung Galaxy A6STk. 25,500.00Yes
48Samsung Galaxy A50Tk. 24,990.00Yes
49Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)Tk. 24,990.00Yes
50Samsung Galaxy J7 MaxTk. 24,900.00Yes
51Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4sTk. 24,500.00Yes
52Samsung Galaxy A40Tk. 23,990.00Yes
53Samsung Galaxy Watch ActiveTk. 23,990.00Yes
54Samsung Galaxy J7 PrimeTk. 23,800.00Yes
55Galaxy Xcover 3 G389FTk. 23,700.00Yes
56Samsung Galaxy M30Tk. 23,500.00Yes
57Samsung Galaxy A30Tk. 22,990.00Yes
58Galaxy J7 Prime 2Tk. 22,900.00Yes
59Samsung Galaxy J3 EmergeTk. 22,500.00Yes
60Samsung Galaxy A30sTk. 21,999.00Yes
61Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4Tk. 21,900.00Yes
62Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)Tk. 21,700.00Yes
63Galaxy J7 Duo (2018)Tk. 21,500.00Yes
64Samsung Galaxy A31Tk. 21,000.00Yes
65Galaxy Tab A 10-1 -2019Tk. 20,990.00Yes
66Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6Tk. 20,990.00Yes
67Samsung Gear SportTk. 20,990.00Yes
68Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017)Tk. 19,990.00Yes
69Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)Tk. 19,990.00Yes
70Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)Tk. 19,990.00Yes
71Galaxy J5 Prime (2017)Tk. 19,900.00Yes
72Samsung Galaxy Express PrimeTk. 19,750.00Yes
73Samsung Galaxy J7 VTk. 18,990.00Yes
74Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)Tk. 18,900.00Yes
75Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)Tk. 18,900.00Yes
76Samsung Galaxy M31Tk. 18,800.00Yes
77Samsung Galaxy J6Tk. 17,900.00Yes
78Samsung Galaxy J7 NxtTk. 16,900.00Yes
79Samsung Galaxy J7 ProTk. 16,900.00Yes
80Samsung Galaxy On6Tk. 16,200.00Yes
81Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)Tk. 16,200.00Yes
82Samsung Galaxy A20Tk. 15,990.00Yes
83Samsung Galaxy On7Tk. 15,400.00Yes
84Samsung Galaxy M20Tk. 14,990.00Yes
85Samsung Galaxy J6+Tk. 14,990.00Yes
86Samsung Galaxy On7 ProTk. 14,990.00Yes
87Samsung Galaxy M21Tk. 14,700.00Yes
88Samsung Galaxy A20sTk. 14,500.00Yes
89Samsung Galaxy J4 CoreTk. 14,200.00Yes
90Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)Tk. 13,990.00Yes
91Samsung Galaxy J4Tk. 13,990.00Yes
92Samsung Galaxy J3 ProTk. 13,990.00Yes
93Galaxy J2 Pro (2016)Tk. 13,990.00Yes
94Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0Tk. 13,500.00Yes
95Galaxy Grand Prime PlusTk. 13,500.00Yes
96Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)Tk. 13,490.00Yes
97Samsung Galaxy On5 ProTk. 12,990.00Yes
98Samsung Galaxy J2 PrimeTk. 12,600.00Yes
99Samsung Galaxy A10Tk. 11,999.00Yes
100Samsung Galaxy On5Tk. 11,900.00Yes

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Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh

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