A Brief Discussion about Lava Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Discussion about Lava Mobile Price in Bangladesh

The mobile phone has become a common and cheaper product. Mobile has a significant contribution in terms of economic growth, job creation and public funding in Bangladesh. In that one device, people can do everything. There is no longer a need for multiple devices and we can be on the move doing it all. Almost everyone has two or three mobile phones. It has become an indispensable part of daily life.

Lava International is an Indian multinational electronics company that manufactures smart phones, laptops, computer hardware and consumer electronics. It was founded in 2009 as an offshoot of a telecommunication venture. It is headquartered in Nodia, Uttar Pradesh, India and has overseas operations in Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mexico, the Middle East, Pakistan and Russia. The company started its Africa operations by launching its product in Egypt in 2016.

LAVA International (BD) Limited headquarters is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. LAVA International (BD) Limited is in the sectors of: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing. They are engaged in the design, research & development, sales and branding of mobile phones as well as related products. Their simplistic approach made them a people’s brand. However, since South Korean giant Samsung established their factory in Bangladesh, they are now offering some good quality affordable gadgets. Brands like Symphony, Walton, itel and Tecno are also assembling their low budget phones in Bangladesh. Thus Lava is paying much more tax to export phones from India to Bangladesh which became a clear disadvantage for them.

Lava is a trustworthy name among the consumers that are interested in low-budget Android smart phones in Bangladesh. Lava is confident of bringing-in products that offer superior value through good quality and best-in-class features at an affordable price. As a brand that strives to understand customers' requirements deeply and has a complete in-house R&D center to convert those needs into products.

It is very necessary to know the official price of any mobile phone. Customers need to know the update price because there are huge mobile brand in Bangladesh now. Various types of offer are provided by the mobile company. The black marketers sell the Lava brand clone mobiles at low prices. As a result, buyers are deceived from getting real phones by getting mobiles at low prices. Second, many unscrupulous traders want to sell mobiles at a higher price than the price offered by the company. In this case, it is very important for the buyer to know the updated price of the mobiles. And through this website buyers will know the official and original price of any model of Lava mobile. Although there are many unofficial mobile phone are available in the market, knowing the update and real price customer will be able to differentiate between the official and unofficial one.

Here in this page we have given a short list of Lava mobile price in Bangladesh.

SLLava MobilePrice in BangladeshAvailability
1Lava Z81Tk. 13,500.00Yes
2Lava V2 3GBTk. 12,900.00Yes
3Lava Z91Tk. 12,750.00Yes
4Lava Iris X8Tk. 12,500.00Yes
5Lava Pixel V2Tk. 12,500.00Yes
6Lava R5VTk. 11,990.00Yes
7Lava R3 NoteTk. 11,990.00Yes
8Lava X50 PlusTk. 11,500.00Yes
9Lava Z80Tk. 11,500.00Yes
10Lava Z91 (2GB)Tk. 10,990.00Yes
11Lava A72Tk. 9,900.00Yes
12Lava V2 STk. 9,900.00Yes
13Lava A97 2GB+Tk. 9,800.00Yes
14Lava X46Tk. 9,500.00Yes
15Lava X41 PlusTk. 8,650.00Yes
16Lava Z60Tk. 8,300.00Yes
17Lava Z71Tk. 7,990.00Yes
18Lava X28Tk. 7,990.00Yes
19Lava A77Tk. 7,990.00Yes
20Lava Z61Tk. 7,650.00Yes
21Lava A68Tk. 7,500.00Yes
22Lava A44Tk. 6,900.00Yes
23Lava Benco V7Tk. 6,890.00Yes
24Lava A71Tk. 6,700.00Yes
25Lava X19Tk. 6,500.00Yes
26Lava P7+Tk. 6,490.00Yes
27Lava A76Tk. 6,300.00Yes
28Lava X17Tk. 6,300.00Yes
29Lava X28 PlusTk. 6,300.00Yes
30Lava Benco Iris 59Tk. 5,990.00Yes
31Lava Iris Fuel F2Tk. 5,990.00Yes
32Lava P7Tk. 5,800.00Yes
33Lava Z60sTk. 5,750.00Yes
34Lava Z50Tk. 5,500.00Yes
35Lava A97Tk. 5,490.00Yes
36Lava A67Tk. 5,400.00Yes
37Lava A76+Tk. 5,400.00Yes
38Lava A73Tk. 5,400.00Yes
39Lava Iris 61Tk. 5,190.00Yes

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Lava Mobile Price in Bangladesh

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