A Brief Discussion about Huawei Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Discussion about Huawei Mobile Price in Bangladesh

The smart phone market in Bangladesh grew 45% year-on-year due to the advent of locally manufactured devices. The volume of locally manufactured devices makes up 41% of Bangladesh's smart phone market. The biggest positive impact of mobile phones in daily life is increased personal security. Many parents strongly believe that cell phones ensure that their children are safe since they can instantly call 911 or them in case of emergency.

Huawei Technologies was founded in 1987 in Shenzhen, China as a rural sales agent for Hong Kong-based phone and cable network businesses. In the 1996 to 1998 period, Huawei first expanded into metropolitan areas of China as urban populations exploded. In the time of its establishment, Huawei was manufacturing just phone switches. Since then, it has been a long way for this business.

Lead BSS (Business Support System) & DS (Digital Service) handling communications between Huawei Headquarter, Regional Office and Local peer departments for running business in Bangladesh. Daraz.com.bd is the leading online shopping platform in Bangladesh, adds another feather to its cap by signing on the sole distributor of HUAWEI Mobile in Bangladesh- ADA Trading Bangladesh Co LTD. Huawei Service Delivery Management services help customers address their current and future needs for Service Delivery. They also help customers identify business related issues to their BSS solution which is being managed via Service Management while providing BSS-related architectural planning including application, infrastructure, information and security management.

Huawei develops smart phones in various prices, style, and features range. Without a doubt, the Huawei is one of the best-designed smart phones. It can maintain its design and build quality equally well. The battery backup and stability of this mobile phone are up to the mark. Huawei makes really nice and very durable phones.

In places like Bangladesh, it is very necessary to know the official price of a mobile phone. First of all, the black marketers sell the Huawei brand clone mobiles at low prices. As a result, buyers are deceived from getting real phones by getting mobiles at low prices. Second, many unscrupulous traders want to sell mobiles at a higher price than the price offered by the company. In this case, it is very important for the buyer to know the updated price of the mobiles. And through this website buyers will know the official and original price of any model of Huawei mobile. Although there are many unofficial mobile phone are available in the market, knowing the update and real price customer will be able to differentiate between the official and unofficial one. After all, the importance of knowing the Huawei mobile phone will save the customers from the black marketers and from the unreal piece of Huawei mobile phone.

Here in this page we have given a short list of Huawei mobile price in Bangladesh.

SL.Huawei MobilePrice in BangladeshAvailability
1Huawei Mate 30 LiteTk. 37,000.00Yes
2Huawei Nova 7 SETk. 34,000.00Yes
3Huawei P30 LiteTk. 29,999.00Yes
4Huawei P30 LiteTk. 29,999.00Yes
5Huawei Y9sTk. 29,990.00Yes
6Huawei P20 Lite (2019)Tk. 27,990.00Yes
7Huawei Y MaxTk. 26,999.00Yes
8Huawei P Smart ZTk. 26,990.00Yes
9Huawei Nova 4ETk. 24,990.00Yes
10Huawei Enjoy 10sTk. 23,000.00Yes
11Huawei Y7 Prime (2019)Tk. 19,500.00Yes
12Huawei Y7 Prime (2019)Tk. 19,500.00Yes
13Huawei P Smart 2020Tk. 19,000.00Yes
14Huawei Y7pTk. 18,999.00Yes
15Huawei Enjoy 9sTk. 18,990.00Yes
16Huawei Y7 (2019)Tk. 18,990.00Yes
17Huawei Y6pTk. 16,000.00Yes
18Huawei Y7 Pro (2019)Tk. 14,999.00Yes
19Huawei Y6 (2019)Tk. 14,500.00Yes
20Huawei Y6 Pro (2019)Tk. 12,999.00Yes
21Huawei Y5pTk. 12,000.00Yes
22Honor 8A PrimeTk. 11,900.00Yes
23Huawei Y5 (2019)Tk. 10,999.00Yes
24Huawei Enjoy 9eTk. 10,990.00Yes
25Huawei MediaPad T8Tk. 9,200.00Yes

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Huawei Mobile Price in Bangladesh

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